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Upright Monuments

An upright monument is the classic tribute to your loved one. Every upright monument we create is unique. Upright monuments are highly customizable to provide a tribute that will represent the memory of a life well-lived. We refer to the upright stone as a 'die,' and it sits on top of a base that will be proportional to the size of the die selected. The die comes in various custom sizes, shapes, and colors and will offer the most surface area possible for custom designs. If vases are selected to be included beside the die, the size of the base will be increased to allow proper spacing for the die and vases.

The most common size of die is:

upright single chart.jpg
upright double chart.jpg

Common Shapes

  • Double Heart

  • Heart

  • Monolith

  • Oval

  • Pillar

  • Rooftop

  • Round

  • Serpentine

  • Half Serpentine

  • Shell Cut

  • Tear Drop

  • Wing


Die Polish
  • Polish 2 – Front and back polished – top side will be rock pitch, which is a rough cut.

  • Polish 3 – Front, back, and top polished – side will be rock pitch.

  • Polish 5 – All visible surface area will be polished.

Base Polish
  • Polish Flat Top – The top will be polished and all sides will be rock pitch.

  • Polished Margin – The top will be polished along with a polished band around the top of all four sides. A 6 inch base will have a 1.5 inch polished margin at the top and an 8 inch base will have a 2 inch polished margin at the top.

  • Polish 5 – The base will be polished on all visible surfaces.

Options for Die Engraving

We offer fully custom artwork for your monument. We are not a mass-production, cookie-cutter company. Our goal is to help design a monument that when completed, will represent your loved one. We want you to consider the granite to be a blank canvas that, when finished, represents your loved one's life. When creating your stone, some elements to consider are his or her faith, hobbies, occupation, and interests. In the end, when you and future generations visit your loved one, we want the monument to truly capture the person’s unique life.

Laser Engraving

Pictures and wording can be engraved on the die using laser technology. This type of engraving only works best on dark stones.

Porcelain Pictures

Digital reproduction of a photograph can be produced on a porcelain plaque and included on the die. Retouching, enhancement, and alterations are available to improve a picture.

Other Options for Bases


The front of the base will have an area with a diagonal pitch allowing surface area available for engraving on the base.

Front Bevel

The entire front side of the base will be slanted downward towards the ground.

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